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Andre Berto: Manny will give Floyd a very hard fight


Andre Berto

WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto believes that Manny Pacquiao will give Floyd Mayweather a very hard time in their March showdown and that Floyd seems to have trouble fighting southpaws.

"I believe Manny will definitely give him a hard time. Manny Pacquiao is so awkward and so relentless and I think thatís something that Floyd has never faced before and in the past, it looks like Floyd has probably had a little trouble when it comes to southpaws" Berto told OnTheRopes radio.

But the champion, who is set to defend against Shane Mosely in the new year, believes that Mayweather can also cause problems for Manny with his jab.

"(When)Manny Pacquiao was fighting Cotto, I saw within the first round that Cotto was able to control him with the jab. And I can see Mayweather throwing a jab like that all night."

Berto has also discussed his potential involvement with Manny's training camp for the Mayweather fight, but disclosed he is only concentrating on his Mosely fight right now.

"Me and Manny are really good friends, but all of my focus is on the fight January." said Berto.

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