News December 2009

Wlad Klitschko: I will possibly fight brother Vitali one day


Klitschko brothers visit school

During a recent interview with Alan Hubbard, it was disclosed that 33 year old Wladimir and his older brother, 37 year old Vitali are seeking family permission to fight each other, should they capture all the titles, to decide who is the supreme heavyweight in boxing.

“We are going to talk to our mother again because we know how much interest such a fight would create and it would mean that one of us would be the supreme heavyweight champion,” Wladimir told The Independent,

“Of course she would not be happy and if we did fight I would be very worried about the health of my brother because it would be very bloody and very bad. We are very competitive and it would be for real. There would be no fix.”

When pressed as to who would be the victor, Wlad disclosed that "I am the better technical boxer but he is the stronger of the two. It would be interesting."

It makes for interesting thoughts, should the Klitschko's capture Haye's WBA strap that the only fight left out there for them, would be a fight with each other.

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