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Oscar urges Manny: If you have nothing to hide do test



Goldenboy promotion's main man, Oscar De La Hoya has told Manny to do the test to save the fight.

Cmon. Its only a little bit of blood. If you have nothing to hide, then do the test, Said Oscar on his blog.

Oscar also scotched the notion that Pacquiao is afraid of needles.

If Pacquiao, the toughest guy on the planet, is afraid of needles and having a few tablespoons of blood drawn from his system, then something is wrong. The guy has tattoos everywhere; hes tattooed from top to bottom. Youre telling me hes afraid of needles?

Oscar also stood by his claims that blood is a better test than giving urine.

And the idea that urine tests can detect HGH [Human Growth Hormone] is wrong. I talked to Travis Tygart, CEO of the USADA. He testified before Congress that anyone who says HGH can be detected by a urine test is mistaken. It can only be detected by a blood test.

So you have to do the blood work. If Pacquiao doesnt want to do this and risk a possible $40-million payday because hes afraid of needles or believes hell be weakened by blood tests, then that raises question marks.

Now I have to wonder about him. Im saying to myself, 'Wow. Those Mosley punches, those Vargas punches and those Pacquiao punches all felt the same.' Im not saying yes or no [about whether Pacquiao might be taking performance-enhancing drugs] Im just saying that now people have to wonder: 'Why doesnt he want to do this? Why is it such a big deal.'

A lot of eyebrows have been raised. This is not good at all.

I believe Mayweather wants to do the right thing, to get tested properly. Hes not doing it to harass Pacquiao; thats garbage. I would say to Pacquiao:

'Do the test. Do it because its only a couple of tablespoons. Needles dont hurt. Just look away when they put the needle in your arm.' Besides, De La Hoya articulates, hell probably lose more blood in the fight than the blood being drawn for the test.

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