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Alex Arthur undecided over Warren future


31-year-old Edinburgh man 'Amazing' Alex Arthur has admitted that his fight at light welterweight with Nigel Wright 'was a mistake'

Arthur poured his heart out to Jim Black at the Sunday Mail declaring that the fight with Wright damaged his lightweight WBO ranking and that he is tired of being so far down on the undercard, despite being a former world champion.

"I need to know in what direction my career is going. That's why I want to sit down with Frank as soon as possible to discuss the way ahead because I undercard fighter for the likes of Amir Khan and Mitchell." said Arthur.

"Being on the bill at six o'clock in the evening, as happened on the Khan show at Newcastle this month when I fought Nigel Wright, is not going to happen again.I'm a former world champion who has had more title bouts than most and think I deserve some respect."

Arthur conceded that if he cannot secure the fights that he craves he will look to another promoter.

"If Frank (Warren) says it will be hard for him to work me back into the title mix and is unable to get me meaningful fights I would like to think he will be good enough to release me and let me find another promoter.

"When you've been a world champion used to topping the bill or at least featuring as the main support it is impossible to become motivated in these circumstances. My performance definitely suffered because of the timing of the bout but that wasn't the only reason I lost. I also went into the ring far too heavy and looked quite fleshy, something I have never been in the past.

"That night I felt as if I was wearing one of the weighted vests we use at training and don't want to experience that again."

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