News December 2009

Edison Miranda pulls out of Stieglitz fight


Columbian Edison 'Pantera' Miranda (33-4, 29ko) has pulled out of his WBO world title challenge with Germany's Robert Steiglitz following a bad dose of the flu.

Miranda still hopes that a revised date can be agreed with Stieglitz camp, but should that not come to fruition then he will look to set up a title challenge against Romanian Lucian Bute for his IBF title.

Bute, who knocked out Andrade in a rematch has recently disclosed he would like a 'name' fight to increase his profile in America.

Miranda, whilst always a handful for any opponent has always fell short at the top. He has challenged Arthur Abraham and Kelly Pavlik for their world titles and got knocked out.

Despite that, the former street urchin has a large fan base, thanks to his heavy handed style and willingness to engage his opponent. Whilst a fight with Stieglitz is winnable, a fight with Bute would earn more money and be of a much higher profile.

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