News December 2009

Ian Napa set to defend against Jamie McDonnell

British bantamweight champion Ian Napa will make his first title defence against Doncaster man Jamie McDonnell in January on Sky Sports.

The Londoner regained his title for a second reighn with a points win over the rugged Gary Davies.

Previously Napa was the European champion, but came unstuck against Malik Bouziane. His promoter Frank Maolney believes Napa is good enough for World title level, but needs to put more into it.

"Ian always seems to comeback when he has suffered a defeat," said promoter Frank Maloney. But he cannot afford any more if he wants to reach world level."

"His European title loss against Malik Bouziane was a shock to him. After that fight myself and Ian's trainer Brian Lawrence told him he had to put more in to succeed.

"I cannot fault his application since and he proved himself once more by defeating Davies."

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