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Joe Murray: Happy with first year as pro


By Lee Collier

Joe Murray faces unbeaten Georgian on 15th January/ Is happy with first year as a pro

Boxer Joe Murray

Former Olympian and World Amateur Bronze Medallist Joe Murray had a successful first year in the professional ranks. Murray boxed five times under the Hatton Promotions banner and scored five win with two early stoppages.

Murray also featured in two fights on Sky’s Friday Night Fights and in only his second fight featured on the Ricky Hatton/Manny Pacquiao undercard in Las Vegas.

The 22 year old fighter who returns to the ring on the 15th January is happy with the progress he has made during his first year in the pro ranks.

“I am really happy with my first year. I am getting the fights in pretty regularly and feeling pretty good. The last two fights have been stoppages so it looks like I’m adapting to the pro’s more with each fight and I can’t wait for the 15th January.

Murray’s last performance came on the Wigan Warriors undercard where he scored his most impressive performance in stopping Barrington Brown in the second round, a feat which impressed the youngster.

“It was a good win for me. Joe [Gallagher] kept Barrington Browns record away from me and just told me he could punch a bit so after the fight I wasn’t really impressed as I just thought he was another person,” stated Murray. “After I heard what he had done in the past it made the win a much better achievement. He had never been stopped before so stopping him shows people I have power. Brown is also a super-featherweight and I proved I can punch at super-featherweight so when I get down to super-bantamweight I am sure I can stop opponents too.”

Murray has boxed between super-bantamweight and super-featherweight, but 2010 should see Murray tackle the super-bantamweight division.

“I boxed Delroy Spencer at super-bantamweight and I looked strong in that and I can make the weight quite comfortably,” claimed Murray. “I have Kerry Kayes on board and he helps to make sure I make weight and I have Joe Gallagher who knows everything about the boxing game so I am sure I have the best team around me and we can go all the way.”

After the Barrington Brown win trainer Joe Gallagher made the bold claim that his young protégé could be looking at a British title within 12 months which is a situation Murray would be happy with.

“I’d take a title chance with both hands if Joe thinks I am ready for it. I have been with Joe since I the age of 13 and I keep saying he’s like a father figure to me, so if he thinks I can win then I’m sure I’ll grab it with both hands and take my opportunity and hopefully grab the title.”

If Murray does get a title chance then sparring a European champion like Rendall Munroe can only help. “Rendall is a strong European champion and he has shown his strength and when I hold my own against Rendall it gives me confidence.”
Murray continued, “Rendall also praises me a lot and when someone like that gives you compliments it will give you confidence going into a British title fight. He’s done it all and when he says I can do the same it gives you the boost and makes me believe I can do it.”

As well as having the talent, Murray has Hatton Promotions backing him and Murray believes he made the right choice going with the new promotion company.
“My first three fights weren’t on TV but I boxed in Las Vegas and I’m sure every boxer wants to box in Vegas on a big event,” enthused Murray. “I also got to learn my trade whereas the other Olympians were on TV getting critiqued straight away from the first minute.

“I did a six rounder on my debut and got more mature by doing the rounds and you saw in my last two fights that I stopped my last two opponents. It shows I got to learn my trade and it’s starting to pay off more even though I am still learning. Even though I am on TV now and there’s more pressure there is still not as much pressure as on the other Olympians.”

Murray returns on the 15th January facing unbeaten Georgian George Mchedlishvili (5-0-1) who will be an unknown quantity to the young fighter.
“I know he is Georgian and he is unbeaten so someone’s ‘0’ has to go. I am in great shape and have been in the gym over Christmas and my birthday so someone’s got to take the pain.”

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