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Cello Renda: I will beat Samuels


By Lee Collier

Renda aiming to put right loss against Samuels

Cello Renda vs Paul Samules I

Late in 2009 boxing fans witnessed the three rounds of end to end fighting between Peterborough’s Cello Renda and Newport’s Paul Samuels. Renda had Samuels down in the first round before Samuels stopped Renda on his feet when referee Terry O’Connor stopped the fight in the third round.

In the middle of the bout fans witnessed the unusual sight of seeing both fighters land left hooks which sent both fighters tumbling to the canvas. Speaking to, Cello Renda recalls the double knockdown.

“It was mental, I took it in the next day watching it on TV,” recalled Renda. “It was kind of a flash knockdown for me. It wasn’t a heavy knockdown and as you could see I was up straight away. If it’s a bad knock down you take the full 8 as it gives you the extra time to clear your head but it didn’t affect me at all as I got up straight away.

“I wondered why he was down although I thought I caught him as well as getting tagged myself, I saw the ref counting and thought he was going to count Samuels out but he just made the count.”

Although Renda lost the fight he believes he learned enough about himself as a fighter to make sure there is no repeat this Friday when the pair face each other for the second time.

“I had a few problems in the build-up that didn’t help but it’s no excuse. I was supposed to box on the Wigan show two weeks after then I got told it was moved to Stoke so I lost 2 weeks training, which meant I had to lose weight faster, explained Renda. “I also had an injury and couldn’t do any sparring, couldn’t really run or hit the bags so the preparation wasn’t ideal.”

“Everything has gone according to plan this time. I had a bit of a bad night and sometimes as a boxer you have a bad night and have to take the positives from it. It really did upset me as it’s a fight as I know I should have won. I said straight away I wanted the rematch, Samuels is no mug, he has been in with good company, fighting for British and World title’s so it will be a good fight to have for both of us.”

In Renda’s previous fight he blasted out Sam Horton within two rounds in a British title eliminator. The Peterborough fighter is keen to avenge the loss against Samuels and get back on with quest for Darren Barker’s British title.

“The Sam Horton fight was a British eliminator so wining that put me next in line for a British title shot,” stated Renda. “The Samuels fight was another fight to keep busy. When I get the win next week that I should have had in November it puts me back on track for getting the British title fight and then the Samuels fight will be old news.”

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