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Froch: I will conquer Herning and the Viking Warrior


Carl Froch

Carl Froch has confirmed today that the venue for his WBC title defence against Kessler will be in Herning.

The small, but perfectly formed city has won 'Best City in Denmark in 2003' and like Nottingham, was originally famous for it's textile industry. But with a population of just 45,000 it's approximately only a fifth of Nottingham's size. got in touch with Froch to find out what was truly happening after hearing and reading different press comments out there and wanted him to put the situation straight, which Carl was happy to oblige.

"A ring is a ring to me, no matter where myself and Mikkel fight, the outcome will be the same.Ē said Froch confidently.

"But my stance on the venue location was nothing to do with ego, or to create aggro for Saulerland Ė as he is a decent guy - it was to assist my fans to get over to Denmark to support me."

"Iíve boxed in Copenhagen and loved the place and appreciated that with Copenhagen being Kesslerís home town, it would be a no brainer to forecast the fight being there" said the unbeaten champion in 26 fights.

"As a result of that, a fair amount of British boxing fans have already gone out and bought flights to Copenhagen. So that was the point i was trying to underline with calls for it to be in Copenhagen. Times are tough and I didnít want these guys to have to travel hours cross-country to get to Herning."

MCH Herning Froch v Kessler venue

The venue in Herning is called the MCH Messecenter, where Kessler fought Gusmyr Perdomo in his last fight on native soil. The venue is the largest of it's type in the whole of Scandinavia. A state of the art complex of glass, it has hosted many of the top performing artists from around the world.

"Saulerland sent through all the details on the Herning venue which holds a minimum of 10,000 compared to the smaller places in Copenhagen which hold about half that, it started to become apparent that the city has no proper venue geared up for a fight of this calibre Ė wheras this unknown place looked more and more ideal Ė so the case for it being there (Copenhagen) was a bit shaky."

"Me versus Kessler is a massive fight in Denmark and some flaky venue that holds five or six thousand was not going to hold everyone."

"But that said, Iím going to see what we can do for those who are already bound for Copenhagen. Not sure what exactly, but once we know the numbers we can think about that side of things. "

"Iíd never heard of Herning but apparently itís not as bad as it sounds and is a University town with a few bars and hotels and stuff."

"My main beef was the fans being able to get there, but there is an airport about 25 minutes away from the place Ė and the same UK airports that fly to Copenhagen also fly to Billund. The flights are cheaper actually - and the main ones are Stanstead and Manchester which is weíre I think people were going from if it was Copenhagen anyway."

"Right now though, Itís time for me to put aside venue stuff and concentrate and sharpening my tools to go out there and bludgeon my mate Kessler. I genuinely like the guy and respect him outside the ropes. But business is business."

"Iím taller than Kessler, I punch harder than Kessler and iíve got more experience than Kessler both as an amateur and a professional. Iíve got a longer reach and an unorthodox style he wonít prepare for. Iím already running and hitting the bags and should be around my fighting weight when i step into camp. "

"Iím really looking forward to this fight and youíre going to see a few little changes in my style for this one. Iím still gonna put it on him Bruce-Lee style though, you can bank on that one ! "

Can Froch turn the tables on the viking warrior and take revenge for when the Danish vikings conquered Nottingham in 867? We shall find out on April 17th.

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