News February 2010

Booth Wins and Chop Chop loses


Jason Booth

Jason Booth (35-5, 15KOs) held onto his Super Bantamweight Lonsdale title for keeps by seeing off Matthew Marsh (13-2, 1KO) in Booth's hometown of Nottingham last night.

Coming forward from the opening bell, there seemed a determination in Booth which played straight into Marsh's hands.

The West Ham man probably expected the patient technician in Booth to appear, but that was not the case. Booth jumped in with wild hooks and power shots from the outset, which was disarmed with ring craft and movement from the former two time ABA champion Marsh.

A clash of heads was inevitable and it came during the very first round, opening up a concerning cut over the bridge of the former IBO champion's nose.

Round after round of Booth lunging in cost him dearly on the judge's scorecards as the neatly boxing Marsh capitalised on his over eagerness.

Round five was a disaster for Booth as he was caught with his feet planted together and went down for a count. Despite not being hurt at all, his pride kicked in and he began throwing wilder shots than ever, which were deftly avoided by Marsh.

Round six saw a small cut from an earlier clash of heads, appear on Marsh's eyebrow. The Londoner continued to frustrate Booth with the jab and head movement but his legs started to grow heavy. Despite holding his own, Booth was not climbing on top of him.

Booth was now closing the gap from his erratic start as we enter the final furlong. Rounds nine and ten were close but Booth was in control. At the end of round ten the eyebrow of Marsh was looking horrific. Blood from the wound was wiped away to display a deep, nasty tear in the skin.

Round eleven began in earnest, but with both fighters covered in claret, the referee took Marsh to the doctor. Upon examination he declared the fight needed to be stopped.

A disappointed Marsh can take consolation that he was marginally ahead on two of the judges scorecards.

Meanwhile, a far from 'Smooth' Booth keeps his British title for keeps and looks to head towards the 'soon to be vacated' European title, currently held by his stablemate and friend, Rendall Munroe.

Booth's opportunity needs to happen immediately to capitalise on his overall form of recent months for him to capture and hold onto a title that has eluded him twice in the past.

Elsewhere across the pond, former WBO light welterweight champion Demarcus 'chop chop' Corely (36-13-1, 21 KOs) was knocked out on a Shobox broadcast in five rounds by Freddy Hernandez (28-1, 19 KOs).


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