News February 2010

Froch can expect a very dangerous Kessler


Kessler with his old WBC title

Mikkel Kessler has disclosed to that he will be in the shape of his life for their impending WBC world title fight and that he will leave no stone unturned in training to guarantee the win.

"I'm ready for Carl Froch. I have to make up for my mistakes in my last fight. But I'm going to be 200% ready for Carl."

"Froch needs to expect a very dangerous and strong Mikkel Kessler."

Mikkel also believes that Froch will enjoy fighting at the MCH in Herning and that it's a wonderful venue. He also believes that the Nottingham man's visit to his country will be a nice experience as he want's to ensure 'The Cobra' is at his best for their fight.

"I think Carl Froch will be at home fighting in Denmark. My opponents all have a nice stay there (Denmark) and they get everything they need...not like in the US." Said Kessler. "I don't wish for Carl to be 50%...I want him to be 100%... which he always is."

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