News February 2010

Baker hurls Chisora to the floor whilst Williams waits for Sexton


Carl Baker beats Williams

Derek Chisora was hurled to floor by his Sheffield rival Carl Baker at their weigh in today, according to Frank Warren's website.

According to source, Chisora had been goading the 28-year old know as 'The Fridge' for his sheer size, but the crunch literally came when they went face to face for the camera and Chisora planted a kiss on Baker, who then hurled his opponent to the floor.

"I'll get my revenge on Saturday," said Chisora afterwards.

"Carl was getting all worked up so I thought I'd chill him out a bit by giving him a little kiss - it is Valentine's weekend after all!

"But he didn't seem to see the funny side of it.I'll give him another smacker on the lips on Saturday, but it will be from my fists, not my mouth."

Meanwhile Danny Williams has indicated to the Southwark news that he will wait for Sexton to recover from his injury and in the meantime will tick over in the gym until the fight can be rescheduled.

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