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Calzaghe attacks Carl Froch


Joe Calzaghe has seemingly become annoyed with Carl Froch's rising popularity amongst the boxing fans since he retired.

In a recent interview with City AM magazine, he told Frank Dalleres that he thought Froch moaned to much.

ďHe won a title that I gave up and hasnít stopped bitching about everybody. Because heís not making as much money and not getting on TV I think heís bitter against the whole world." said Calzaghe, coming across slightly bitter himself.

Froch has made no secret of his frustrations with TV exposure, declaring that tax payers should be allowed to watch himself and boxing in general, on the BBC. But the 32 year old fighter known as the Cobra has never made an issue about money, stating many times that it's not his motivator - that it's only the big fights he craves and not financial reward or fame.

Whilst it's true that Froch did pick up the title vacated by Calzaghe, in fairness the Nottingham Super middleweight chased Calzaghe through the media for two years for a showdown, before eventually fighting his way up the WBC rankings into the mandatory position.

Froch had backed Calzaghe into a corner whereby he either fought him or vacated it.

When purse bids were called between Calzaghe and Froch by the WBC, the Welshman immediately vacated, despite maintaining that he would be back at 168lb after his 'money fight' with Bernard Hopkins in America.

However the WBO, upon reading about Calzaghe vacating the WBC title, put their title up for grabs again, assuming the Welshman had vacated that too.

However Calzaghe issued a public statement declaring that he would not be vacating the WBO title as he intended to defend it again.

Later Calzaghe stated that he could no longer make the weight, despite weighing in over 2 pounds less than the limit for his unification with Kessler and was several pounds short of the light heavyweight limit during his two fights there.

"Heís like a spoilt little bloody bitch,Ē said Calzaghe of Froch, whilst discussing Froch's desire to be seen on terrestial TV again.

"I donít mind saying that either, thatís OK, keep that in there. Heíll like that one." said Calzaghe.

Froch has been criticised for bringing Calzaghe's name into interviews in the past.

But upon Calzaghe's retirement sinking in, the unbeaten super middleweight has not mentioned him. Froch even wished Calzaghe well and that he'd achieved a great deal and had nothing left to prove.

So it's confusing why Joe Calzaghe has re-ignited the war of words for no reason, especially given that only a couple of months ago he was wishing Carl Froch the very best of luck in the Super Six tournament and that he would be hoping he wins for British boxing.

Could it be that Calzaghe is looking to make a return back to British boxing now his dancing career is thankfully over ?

With an impending court case with £3m of Calzaghe's money in the balance, maybe he now fancies that fight with Froch.

"Itís a big difference between 47-0 and 46-1. If I did lose, that one loss would destroy everything Iíve done; Iíd never forgive myself. Why would I want another fight? Itíd mainly be for money Ė thatís the wrong reason." said Calzaghe.

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