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Froch laughs off Calzaghe bitterness


Carl Froch got in touch with WBC super middleweight champion to see what he made of the comments thrown his way by retired former champion, Joe Calzaghe yesterday.

Carl Froch laughed when he heard that Joe Calzaghe had called him a “spoilt, little bitch” in a recent interview.

“I think Joe’s a bit of a strange guy if I’m honest. “ Said a bemused Froch. “And i don’t mean that nastily, but I really think he is a grump. Like a Welsh Victor Meldrew.”

Calzaghe discussed Froch amongst his Strictly Dancing appearance and his unbeaten record. The Welshman tried to goad Froch with his comments, insisting to the interviewer to leave them in as "Froch will like that".

Froch responded “One minute he gives me credit for my career and ‘good luck’ in the super six – then 3 months later comes out with this. He’s obviously just after a bit of publicity after his impression of Rigor Mortis on Strictly Embarrassing.”

“They say your personality comes through the art of dance. Well I think his did perfectly. And to think I voted for him too. “ he laughed. "I want my quid back."

“Along with his cherished record that he always blathers on about , that has more question marks on it than The Riddler’s cat suit. Those are the only two subjects he mentions in every single tedious interview. He can only dine out on that record for so long. He needs to turn it in and put on those comfy retirement slippers."

“At the end of the day Joe Calzaghe is yesterday’s news and today’s fish and chip wrappers. It’s sad but true and one day we’ll all be the same– and that’s why I put no value on fame nor the sad people who chase it with every last breath like him.”

“I can only imagine he’ll be starring in Bingo adverts next. “

“Fame is wonderful if you have small children who idolise you, then it’s magic to see their little faces light up. But charity aside, fame amongst grown ups is overated.”

“But back to Joe, I called him out for two years, closed in on him until he had to vacate or fight me – and we all know which option he took so we’ll just leave it at that. “

“If you want to come back and fight me, then get in line – if not, take your leotard and bore off.”

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