News February 2010

Katsidis manager confident Mitchell will travel to Oz


Kevin Mitchell

Brendon Smith, who manages Michael Katsidis is confident that he can beat Frank Warren during the purse bid process to bring the fight to Australia. Infact he has requested the bid date comes forward so that he can begin making suitable arrangements.

"There has been correspondence and I don't believe an agreement will be reached and therefore I have called for the purse bid to be brought forward," Smith told Sportsnut, a popular Australian website.

Smith also admires Kevin Mitchell's tenacity and believes that the Londoner would have no problem with travelling to Australia to fight their popular warrior icon, who has not boxed in his homeland for almost 4 years now.

"What a great fight for Australia it will be" said Smith "Frank Warren is confident and we are confident." he concluded.

Given that Australian TV has a relative amount of finacial leverage, it could be interesting to see if Warren's large wallet will ensure the fight gets put on in the UK.

Either way, when promoters get hungry to win a purse bid, it's always good news for the fighters' bank balance.

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