News May 2010

Vegan Mike Tyson: Gives up ears for carrots


Mike tyson eats an ear

Mike Tyson, the man with a penchant for human flesh (have a word in Evander Holyfield's ear about that one) has been hitting the headlines for his recent TV appearance on 'Centre stage'.

Amongst many subjects touched upon by Tyson, the most striking revelation was that now the man formally know as 'Iron' Mike Tyson will be now referred to as 'Vegan' Mike Tyson.

The former heavyweight superstar, who readers believe is more at home with a white tiger on his lap, will be puzzled to hear that the most feared man on the planet, is more likely to be nibbling on a carrot.

The former champion revealed that he no longer touches meat, eggs or any dairy products. The stereotypical image of a weedy veggie will soon be a distant memory if Tyson champions the diet.

Keith Holmes, Allan Green and even Ali were all fans of the vegetarian approach to meals.

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