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Cintron falls out of ring: Punisher handed win


Former IBF Welterweight champion Kermit Cintron was 'defeated' in bizzare circumstances last night during his non-title fight with Paul 'the Punisher' Williams after the Puerto Rican fell through the ropes and crashed across a desk before landing onto the floor.

Winded and shocked, Cintron was immeadiately attended to by the ringside medical staff, who would not let him continue for fear of him suffering a suspected punctured lung.

Meanwhile the commentary team expected the bout, which had not exceeded 4 rounds to be declared a 'no contest' - but the referee stated that under a Bizzare California ruling, that because it had passed the 3 round mark, it would have to go to the score cards.

"He hit his head twice, on a monitor and then on the floor." promoter Lou DiBella said.

Cintron "feels like he's OK, he wanted to continue.... But the doctor said 'No, you can't continue.' "

Judge James Jen Kin had Williams leading 40-36, judge Fritz Werner had Williams ahead 39-37, and judge Jerry Cantu gave all four rounds to Cintron, 40-36.

Williams looked puzzled with his 'win' and suggested a rematch may take place.

"He hit me with a little shot, I hit him with one, we got tangled, and then he fell out of the ring," Williams said.

"I know he wanted to fight.... I know I wanted to fight.... It's a strange way to get a win. I'll try to get a better one next time."

Meanwhile William's promoter was not so keen on a rematch and stated that despite it concluding in a strange way, that the moment may have passed. Goosen said he would still strive to make bigger fights with Mayweather or Pacquiao for his fighter.

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