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Carl Froch Column: Talks Gloves and fellow Brits

IT'S been a glorious few weeks of sunshine in what's been a great couple of weeks for me. My son is home and Rach is doing well, plus we've just celebrated my 21st birthday for the 12th time this week!

Boxing-wise, it's been a bit of a slow month, but there have been a couple of interesting fights and Tyson Fury won his fight in emphatic fashion against big John McDermott.

Their first fight was controversial with Tyson sealing a close points win. But this time around McDermott didn't look his normal bullish self, whereas Tyson seemed more relaxed and intent on sticking more to his boxing.

Some controversy has broken out in the aftermath between McDermott's trainer and Frank Maloney, surrounding the choice of gloves for the fight.

All of Maloney's fighters generally wear BBE boxing gloves, but Tyson and Mick Hennessy arranged for Tyson to wear the Mexican puncher's choice, the legendary Reyes glove.

This has since outraged the McDermott handlers, who claim that wearing the BBE glove left them at a disadvantage given that they are generally padded with softer fabric to 'protect the fighter's hands'.

They claim that they believed that Fury would be wearing the same gloves too.

However, when I boxed Irishman Brian Magee down at Bethnall Green on a Maloney show, I was contracted to wear the same manufacturer of glove that McDermott wore.

I ended up with a terrible injury. After connecting hard on Brian's bonce, my thumb completely snapped clean at the base. It was agony and I knew it was serious, but I continued until the adrenaline kicked in.

I still managed to put Brian out for the count in the 11th round with a big uppercut, but immediately needed surgery to pin the thumb back together and subsequently needed physiotherapy to get it moving again.

From now on, having learned that painful lesson, I always stick to my preferred range of products and won't let any promoters' arrangement force me into wearing anything but what I want to use.

Speaking of Magee, who has gone on to do extremely well in capturing the European title, there are numerous options now domestically between him and the other super-middleweights coming through.

I've sparred both Tony Jeffries and George Groves, and I can confirm that, along with the likes of Paul Smith and James DeGale, that the British super-middle weight scene is in good shape.

They all bring their own attributes to the table and are all hungry for the titles, so it's going to be a great period for the boxing fans if they can all overcome politics and face one another.

Who would I pick out of the bunch? It's genuinely hard to say. Groves is similar to myself, he likes to fight. Jeffries is a great all-rounder with lots of determination and Olympic medal level ability.

Magee is a strong southpaw with bags of experience. DeGale's talents took him to an Olympic gold medal and tough Smith showed a lot of grit to beat Dodson with those cuts which might have derailed other fighters.

I'm just glad we have a great bunch of lads who can all keep these islands on the map in the super-middleweight division a division in which we have always been the major force.

Now it's time to get back to the barbecue before the sun goes in!

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