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Carl Froch talks Abraham and Saulerland



Carl Froch has spoken out of the recent comments made by Kalle Saulerland that his impending fight with Arthur Abraham will not require any judges as "Arthur identified a lot of weaknesses in Froch's style during his fight with Kessler", alluding to a KO victory for his man.

Froch was forthright in his responce to by declaring that he believes once Abraham has felt a true super middleweight's power, he will be less confident.

"Abraham is a class act with a decent dig on him and I won't be taking him lightly at all. But the truth is, Abraham will sit behind a tight guard for the lion's share of the rounds, exploding into life here and there occasionally. If he opens up then sure it could end up being a shoot-out, but whilst he can hit himself.. what big punchers has he faced to date at the weight?" questioned Froch.

"It's one thing dishing it out, but it's another receiving it for every minute of every round. I can do both and whilst Abraham is a tough cookie, he will be crumbs by the 12th round if he stands there right in front of me. He'd be making a mistake against me thinking that he will seal the deal with one big shot. Against Dirrell he was copping a lot of fast punches - but I will corkscrew shots straight through that guard of his. Concussive blows that will blunt him." said Froch.

"In closing, I really like Abraham as a guy and a fighter. I will not disrespect what he brings to the table nor take him lightly at all. He is a dangerous and explosive fighter with an individual style, but one that will not be effective against me. Myself and Rob McCracken know exactly what approach we'll bring into this fight."

Froch, who recently became a father with his girlfriend Rachel, then turned his focus back to Kalle Saulerland.

"But with regards Kalle talking about venues and judges, he should leave the fighting talk down to the fighters. Kalle don't look like he could knock the skin of a rice pudding. The fake shaker." Said Froch, obviously still unhappy by Kalle's fake handshake to bring Abraham to the UK in return for Froch to fight in Denmark.

"That guy is not qualified to talk about what may unfold in our fight. He should get permission from daddy before he ever discusses another boxing match again. His birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory. He is the monkey and Wilfried is the organ.... grinder."

"(Howard) Eastman, whilst past his best, gave Abraham all the trouble in the world yet got a score of something like 119-110 on one card which was a joke. Especially as the others had it barely a round or two in Arthur's favour. They seem in have a joker in every pack over there." said Froch. "But the Brits don't need any history lessons in German officiating. Just ask Robin Reid." asked Froch what were the latest developments for the fight venue and sounded quite pleased given the circumstances, that whilst sadly not being in the UK, would still end up in an affordable and lively venue.

"Now it's boiled down to the 02 in Ireland or Monte Carlo. My preference will be Ireland as I've got a lot of roots out there and have enjoyed my time out there winning the medal at the Worlds (world amateur finals) in Belfast, plus I took my Pascal training camp over there to soak up the fresh air." Said Froch

"Plus the Irish fight fans rank amongst the most vocal in the sport and Dublin is a beautiful city as we all know. Irish boxing fans are some of the best as they travel here there and everywhere to attend the shows across these isles - plus the big fights in America."

"The flights to Ireland are cheap and my favourite tipple, Guinness, flows nicely there and they have the Shamrock nailed when it comes to preparing the perfect pint of plain. I only have a dozen pints a year if that, but when I drink that's the one!" laughed Froch. "Maybe I'll take a look round St James street before the fight infact." said Froch who was obviously clued up as to drinks origins. asked Froch if he was adverse to it going ahead in Monaco, should that be the selected venue.

"If it boiled down to being in Monaco, then whilst it's not my first choice, the flights are only £65 return to Nice and then you have the likes of Cannes and Monte Carlo etc all with a 30 min taxi ride away. To be fair a good friend has just come back from Cannes and Monte Carlo and says it's a tremendous place. Lots of swanky bars, restaurants and obviously the most famous casino in the world. Plus beaches and so forth and will still be warm even if it's early October as it's on the coast of the med." said Froch.

"Either way, whilst it's not gonna be in the UK, it looks like it will be a really good road trip for boxing fans. Cheap flights and a great city to explore in addition to a spectacular win for the Cobra!"

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