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Wladimir Klitschko absolutely furious with HBO bosses


Ross Greenburg

The decision by HBO television not to aquire the Klitschko vs Povetkin fight has shocked and angered the Klitschko team, following assurances that it was all set to be shown for an agreed sum of $250k.

The verbal agreement between Team Klitschko and the HBO's vice president Kerry Davis, was reportedly overturned by station president Ross Greeburg.

Speaking to ESPN, Wlad's manager Bernd Boente roared that "HBO's lie cost us $250,000."

Boente (left) with Wlad

Team Klitschko were driven to hold the fight on the 11th September after HBO declared that was the available slot. This lead to them making lots of arrangements with German soccer clubs to organise a free slot for them to stage the fight. Now HBO have withdrew, other networks cannot squeeze them in on that date - and it's too late to re-arrange their seating plans / venue to accomadate a later date in the month.

" (HBO vice president) Kery promised me and also Shelly on the telephone that he will do the fight. We had agreed. The worst thing is that Kery said, 'We can do the fight on the 11th but not on the 18th.' Showtime could do it on the 18th but not on the 11th. We made a deal with HBO for the 11th and we said to the German soccer league before they planned their schedule to please make sure that on the 11th there is no home game for Frankfurt because we have an American TV station on board. They said OK. And then HBO screwed us and now we lose $250,000."

"We were counting on it. This cost us a quarter of a million dollars. If they had told us this at the beginning, we would have had the fight on Showtime. Now we have neither. Not only is HBO screwing us, they are screwing American boxing fans. I am not only surprised, I am shocked."

"It's not like Wladimir is fighting a bum. Povetkin is undefeated, he's an Olympic champion and everyone ranks him very highly. A lot of people want to see the fight." Said Boente.

Povetkin currently has a record of 19-0 (14ko) and the Moscow resident is being trained by Teddy Atlas for the fight. He won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympic games to cap a stellar amateur career.

"Wladimir is totally pissed and really disappointed. He thought a promise is a promise, and if you promise someone, you have to stand by your promise. We have been on HBO for 23 fights [between the brothers], but I guess that doesn't mean anything. Maybe Ross has something against Germany or Ukrainians. I don't know what it is. You'd think maybe he would call Wladimir and Vitali and say he's sorry."

"What HBO did to us is absolutely disgusting."

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