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Fight Of The Century? FM V ODH


By Si Shaw

Floyd Mayweather Jnr and Oscar De La Hoya will climb through the ropes on May 5th for what could be the fight of the century,whether or not this will be the case come May 6th remains to be seen.

We have the P4P king in Mayweather against the seasoned warrior De La Hoya in a super fight that has the worlds attention and looks set to break tv viewing figures of old with the fight available in 176 countries around the world.

Floyd V Gatti

The hype machine has been in full effect for months now with massive media coverage and HBO’s fantastic 24/7 4-part series going behind the scenes in both camps and showing us the huge clash of styles and cultures,each man is worlds apart from the other with Mayweathers brash,arrogant and loudmouthed personality jumping out the screen like a naughty schoolkid and Oscars cool persona oozing quiet confidence as he calmly states that he’s seen it all before.

On a personel level im pretty much convinced that Floyds antics are down to nerves and that the realization and magnitude of May 5th is starting to dawn on him,will he freeze on the night? Maybe.

Anyone who’s caught the HBO shows will agree that in training both men look to be in incredible shape and will no doubt be in top physical shape come fight night.

So what about the fight and how will it pan out…my own opinion is that Floyd’s ego may play a big part of the early rounds with him standing and trading with Oscar who out muscles him and starts to back him up which in my opinion will only make for a better fight as Mayweather fights superbly on the back foot and is dangerous with it.

Oscar V Gatti

I feel Floyd has nothing to offer that can hurt Oscar so I expect him to figure that out pretty early too and start firing off massive quantities of super fast and accurate punches designed to bemuse Oscar with their sheer volume,If Floyd can sustain this for 7 or more rounds then I feel he’s clever enough to win the fight but it’s whether or not he can keep Oscar away for long enough to do so as I feel Oscar will go looking for him pretty early on and try and impose his naturally bigger frame and superior power on the P4P king and literally go through him.

I really do think Oscar is going to pose Floyd more problems than he has ever faced before and the sparring with Shane Mosley should prove crucial as far as cutting of the ring and his reflexes go and expect Oscar to start breaking him down as early as round 3 or 4 and putting huge doubts and dents into Mayweathers mind and body.

I see Oscar winning this by KO or TKO inside 8 rounds and really do think we are in for an absolute classic.

I could be wrong and Floyd might try and dance his way to victory but with all the verbals he has been spitting out of late then surely he has to fight at some stage,right?

Much as I have tried to envisage a track meet I just can’t see how Mayweather keeps Oscar at bay for 36 minutes and if Oscar can hurt him early,back him up and frustate him then as above he wins by KO/TKO inside 8 rounds.

Floyds been hurt before against Judah,Hernandez and Corley who again are smaller less powerful fighters with argueably little more speed.

The look in Oscars eyes when he’s hitting the pads is the same as I saw when he battered Vargas and it’s the look of a bona fide Warrior with a killer instinct.

Summing up I just feel that Oscar has too much class power and experience for Floyd and wins inside 8 rounds.

We shall see soon enough so buckle up and enjoy the ride…..

OSCAR v FLOYD….The world awaits.


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